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For those that knows me (or from my extensive 5-stars yelp reviews), this hotel needs no introduction. No matter where I stay in this world, W Taipei will always hold a special place in my heart.

Fabulous location, awe-inspiring rooms, marvelous amenities, fantastic foods, and special customer service makes this the gold standard of luxury hotels. For those that never visited Taiwan, I highly recommend W Taipei be your address to see this island’s countless wonders.

The moment you arrive at Taoyuan International Airport, there will be a BMW 7-series or Porsche Cayenne waiting for you at the terminal.

“Mr. Chai? Welcome to Taiwan. May I assist with your luggage?”


No international data? No worries. All their cars are equipped with WiFi.



This type of service and courtesy is what you expect at this luxury hotel. Your experience doesn’t start at check-in; Your experience starts the moment you arrive into this city.

During New Years, we like to stay at The Spectacular Room. It offers breathtaking views of Taipei 101 fireworks during the countdown. Believe me, we countdown in many places throughout the world and this by far, is the best way to ring in the New Year.



new year
2011-2014: Spectacular Room for New Years



If available, their Cool Corner room offers the best value for non-New Year stays. It’s about 50% larger than the Spectacular Room overlooking the WET deck pool.  For Platinum and Gold members, there are complimentary cocktails, still/sparkling waters, champagne for all guests within their party.



wet deck

Cool Corner Room



Taiwan is one of the prom kings of the culinary world. Thus, I highly recommend eating outside this hotel: explore the night markets, snacks, dim sums, etc. Nevertheless, if laziness or jet lags hit, The Kitchen is a great restaurant to sample the delicacies of Taiwanese cuisine.


The Kitchen for breakfast @ 6:30am



Still can’t cure your jet lag? Got a hangover from the weekend? Don’t worry, Dr. W can prescribe you a dose of spa. For all hotel guests, remember to take advantage of their complimentary Jjimjilbang facilities.


2012-12-31 00.10.21
Relax, Renew, Refresh



Ironically, we never brought Chai Bear along to experience this hotel. Good things come to those who wait! 2016 was his first time visiting W Taipei. He was not disappointed.


Meter - W Taipei3

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  1. Dearest Paul,

    Thank you so much for sharing!! This is AWESOME!! I watched ChaiBear video over and over. We wish to meet ChaiBear soon again.

    Please E-mail me prior to your next trip. I will be sure to monitor a better room that suites your trip persona.


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