Westin Warsaw Poland

Poland may not be the first destination that comes to mind when visiting Europe. It’s always in the shadow of popular neighbors like Prague or Budapest. Nevertheless, the benefits of venturing into a non-touristy city can make you appreciate the local culture and European charm.

Plus, a good (human) friend of mine resides here, so we wanted to see his life through his European lens 😛


Poland (east of Germany/north of Czech)


As a general guideline, the more East you go in Europe, the cheaper everything is. The living expense is literally a fraction of the cost in what you expect compared to places like London, Barcelona, and Amsterdam.


Thus when it comes to hotels, you tend to be getting an insane value when it comes to redemption. For instance, a nice Westin in the city is only a SPG Category 3.

In fact, back when I was in this city last year… it was only a Category 2!  


fun fact, was a Category 2 hotel in 2017



If you book an Executive Suite, the hotel even offers a complimentary chauffeur ride in a Mercedes S-class from the airport.


personal airport chauffeur in the arrival terminal in Warsaw



It’s a comfortable 20-minute ride to the hotel.


valet entrance



The lobby inside is gorgeous. I’m shocked that this is a SPG Category 2 (now category 3) hotel.


main lobby





The Executive Suite is essentially two rooms combined together w/ one of the bedrooms converted into a living room.


Please excuse the mess in this picture… we were exhausted in our extensive travels from Tomorrowland 😉 


entrance / living room



As you go through the connecting door, there’s the bedroom with a king-sized bed.





The bathroom is decently decorated with the per usual Westin amenities. Illuminated mirrors are always a nice touch too.


master bathroom



The highlight of the suite is the Executive Club access on the top floor, which is massive at this hotel. It’s a great place to dine a light breakfast and drink some coffee & tea.


Executive Club (dining area / office area / living room)
complimentary breakfast for Executive rooms
view of Warsaw skyline



The benefit of venturing into a non-touristy city is the avoidance of crowds. Everything is either a short walk or Uber ride away.


This capital city is spread with diverse architecture. 






If you’re a fan of classical music, a Polish composer named Frédéric Chopin was famous for his piano music in the Romantic period in the 1800s. The city is so proud of his heritage & accomplishments that its international airport is even named after him.


Chopin museum in Warsaw



Overall, the Westin Warsaw was a pleasant stay. Thanks to living cost of this country, it offers a tremendous value for accommodation.


you be surprised in what 100 PLN can get you in this country


And I personally love the vibe of an underrated city. While some people find it more troublesome and less appealing, I think it’s a great opportunity to discover its local charm.


At a very…. very.… good price.



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