W Barcelona

Every great journey begins with a mile. And boy, did it take a lot of miles to get here. Ladies and gentlemen, the crown jewel of W hotels: W Barcelona.

This hotel is confidently beautiful. Architecturally, it’s shaped like a moving sail as it hugs the coastline of Barcelona. From inside out, it is a gorgeous hotel.





We were fortunate enough to get upgraded to the Corner Suite, which offers panoramic views of the coast and Mediterranean Sea. When you’re in the room, you almost feel like you’re in the Presidential Suite on an enormous cruise. To no surprise, we spent most of our time looking out our windows.



left: bedroom | right: sunrise from the living room
view from the bedroom



In Europe, people like to chill, chill, and chill. The design of the hotel pretty much emulates that culture. On a Friday afternoon, you see many sailboats & yachts floating around. European people sure knows how to live it up on a work day.


sun deck barcelona


The hotel offers yoga classes to get your bliss zen on. Non-yogis can chill around and soak in the weather. It is a great spot to observe the Barcelona local crowd.





Located on the beachfront, exploring Barcelona is a breeze (pun-intended). Along the boardwalk, you see people sun-bathing, playing volleyball, which is reminiscent of Southern California lifestyle.






At midnight, Barcelona becomes a “To See and Be Seen” crowd: DJs spinning, bartenders shaking, and people mingling. There is a direct elevator that goes to The Eclipse located on the roof of W Barcelona. Be warned, the line gets ridiculously long. Luckily, all hotel guests get Access Passes that skips the general admission line. Hey if that’s not enough, Ibiza is also a short ride away ;))


Eclipse lounge: Salud!



As tempting as that sounds, everyday we had a loaded itinerary. Thus, partying ’til 6am was not an option for us. Instead, we opted to lounge and relax for most of the nights.




Complimentary breakfasts are served for all Platinum members. While the food didn’t blow us away, the view and the spread was generous & amazing. They offer limitless selections of juices, champagne, mimosas, espressos, and hor d’oeuvres by their WET Sun Decks. After breakfast, we brought our orders and drinks to chill in the room.




Overall, W Barcelona is a fantastic hotel. Though the service feels more impersonal, they make up for it with its scene. The hotel caters to the high-end party crowd and it is a delight seeing gorgeous people mingling around.

One day on a hot summer night, I wish to teleport here to see the party scene. Until then, party on Barcelona. Party on.


Meter - W Barcelona3

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