Diamond Lounge in Gaysorn Mall Bangkok

For those that knows Miki, I’m sure you guys are familiar with her passion obsession with shopping malls. Internationally (yes, lucky Paul…), it runs in the family.

Every time in Thailand, one of the must-do’s for the ladies is to get a La Prairie ultra-luxe “white caviar illuminating” facial in their spa @ Gaysorn Bangkok.

It’s a 90-120 minute treatment, which means it’s a lot of waiting time for Paul…



La Prairie Spa


Gaysorn Mall main entrance



Hiding across from the touristy Central World, Gaysorn is a smaller boutique mall that mainly attracts locals, who have a specific shopping interest like this one.


shopping district in Thailand (across from Central World)




Now here’s the crazy part, Paul doesn’t mind waiting.

Wait… what?! 


waiting room (or….)



Just like Access Lounge @ South Coast Plaza, this Gaysorn mall has an invite-only perk for frequent shoppers on the top floor.



South Coast Plaza, please take plenty of notes…. this is how you do a proper mall lounge. 


Diamond Lounge (exclusive for frequent shoppers)



First of all, the decor, aesthetics, and the space alone blows any mall lounges I know out of the water.


To the left, the walls are decorated with this sheen reflective gold / black plated metal that makes the lounge super bling & bright.

On the other side it’s a gorgeous oversized mirror wall that extends to the end of the hallway, which makes the entrance area feel considerably spacious & tastefully modern.







Second (and most importantly)….

Moët & Chandon 🙂 


Moët & Chandon lounge area



Oh my goodness gosh, Moët open bar… I can be here all day all night. Before the bubbles though, the staff proactively welcomes us with refreshing towels & warm nuts.


I mean, doesn’t this feel like a First Class airport lounge?!



a proper welcome: refreshing towels & nuts




Shopping should always be like this…



champagne showers


keep it coming, refill please




Though it’s never crowded, you can opt to lounge in their private living rooms with a kitchenette for more solitude. Inside, it’s like your own “private condo” inside a mall. 


Simply ask the staff if the room is available for use.



private condo-style living area



The beverages inside the fridge area all complimentary.


well stocked complimentary beverages



The bathrooms inside are generously decorated with Thann aromatherapy skincare amenities.


Thann aromatherapy in the bathrooms



And just when you think this mini-condo is already too over the top, there’s even a “sanctuary area” to relax & meditate.


Because… shopping is so stressful…. so tough….


Rough life.


Hm, or maybe the husbands use this room to pray that the wifeys won’t max out their credit cards



The private “condo” area is nice, but my favorite area in this lounge is still obviously the Moët & Chandon bar. Of course, it’s not just limited to champagne!


We also tried their Earl Grey tea, which is presented in a nice tea set.






And lastly, an house-made iced coffee that is presented creatively in milk layers.





Overall, this mall lounge simply blows my mind.

I still can’t believe there’s a mall that offers something like this. Not only are the drinks and services superb, but the whole aesthetics & decor of the place gives a peaceful aura for all invited visitors.

Like a First Class lounge, the over the top amenities (i.e. Moët & Chandon bar, private living room, and sanctuary area) makes this experience ooze luxury and exclusivity.

Which in turn, makes a torturing activity like waiting at the mall an awesome thing to do 😉 


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