AMEX Centurion Lounge Las Vegas

Forgive me, I’m usually here after an eventful weekend in Vegas. Hence, our pictures are extremely limited at this airport since we’re always so tired.


eyes…. so…. heavy



Why? Foosball (yeah let’s just call it that)… we play too much “foosball” in this city.


Cosmopolitan Las Vegas



LAS (McCarran International) is an easy airport to navigate. To go to the Centurion Lounge, simply follow signs & board the AirTrain to Terminal 1 Concourse D Gates.


Terminal 1 Concurse D Main Entrance



After we pass the hummer, it’s a quick 1-minute stroll to the lounge.


Centurion lounge front entrance



Much like Dallas, the entrance to the Centurion is visually striking. It’s an illuminated backdrop and as you enter, a familiar green nature wall with its signature signage.

Noticeably though,  the space feels significantly smaller than its sister lounges, which can be a drawback if it ever gets crowded.


check-in area



Luckily, Sunday nights are never too busy at this airport. Thus, seats are relatively easy to find.


magazines available for leisurely read



If we’re bringing guests, there are group seatings available too. Like all business class lounges, the walls display the departure information for all the flights in the terminal.


plenty of group seatings



For a more living room atmosphere, sofas like this one are also available. Take your pick.


sofas in the living room



Most importantly, they have a full service food spread and bar for a decent cocktail dinner.


complimentary cocktail dinner



99.69% of the time though, due to our lack of sleep… this is what we’re thinking in our heads. 



#1 priority = sleeeeeeep



Through trial and error, the best seats are these amazing soundproof lounge chairs. Because of its design, it isolates the noise around you. Adding to its comfy cushions, it’s the perfect sanctuary for a power nap.


best…. seats…. ever





Overall, this is an acceptable Centurion lounge. Though it lacks a full-service massage and manicure spa, the food and drink quality is still up to the standards of a Business Class lounge. 


Yes, the space is smaller. But hey, I’m only a 12 inch bear…. Paul & Tony is what… under 6 ft? When it comes to sleep, a comfy soundproof seat is all we need.


Vegas honey, I love you & all, but it’s hard to keep up a weekend with you! #gettingold

Yawwwwwn, so thanks for the power nap Centurion. Time for boarding. 



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