JFK Delta Sky Club Lounge

I have a constant love/hate relationship with Delta. Their products, services, and lounges consistently feel a cut better than their domestic competitors like American or United Airlines. Nevertheless, their loyalty programs are always so…. so…. yuck.

One, they don’t publish their award rates publicly. And two, even if they do, it’s usually astronomically overpriced. For instance, here’s a simple price chart for a roundtrip Delta One flight (from JFK – LAX) in March.


Disgusting, 168,500 – 257,500 miles for a RT flight



168,500 miles?! I know some weeks in March are spring break, but that’s just robbery.


I have good news for you guys though. You don’t have to fly Delta One to have a taste of what a Delta Sky Club lounge is like.


Delta Sky Club front entrance @ JFK



Just like the Centurion lounges, if you own a AMEX Platinum (personal or business) credit card, you have complimentary access to these lounges like this one in New York. The only difference is that you have to be on a Delta flight.


Access #1: fly a Delta One flight
Access #2 (recommended): have an AMEX Plat card



After a quick ride up the Sky Club escalators, a suited security bouncer-like figure approaches us.

“Boarding pass?”


We show our Delta One ticket and after the scan, he steps aside and grants us the “red carpet” check-in.


Psst, economy passengers can do this too. Just flash your AMEX Plat 😉 






For those that knows Paul, you guys are well aware of his love for cocktails, wines, and champagne. Naturally, the first place we venture is the Sky Club bar.





Like most business class lounges, the place can get quite packed during peak hours.

Luckily, there are two seats available for Miki & Paul at the bar. Whew.





Here is where it gets really interesting. At the bar, we have the option to purchase ultra-premium bottles of champagnes (that are normally on First Class flights) with our miles.


For instance,

  1. Dom Pérignon for 12,500 miles
  2. Krug Grande Cuvée for 10,000 miles
  3. Louis Cristal for 13,750 miles





Are these good value? For most people, absolutely not.

As a rule of thumb, it’s generally a lot smarter to use your miles to redeem for flights to maximize your travel returns.


So our brain logically says, “nope…. always no”





Then again, Delta miles….. I hate delta miles….

And Paul…. loves champagne… loves loves champagne….

So the devil in him says, “Do it, let’s buy five bottles.” 





Before Paul could open his lips, the rational Miki stares down @ Paul. Boys you feel me? Wifey always gets in the way.


Ok fine, no crazy purchases today. Let’s chill at the rooftop and explore the rest of the lounge instead.





The rooftop has gorgeous views of the tarmac. On a hot summer day, I can imagine a soiree-like scene with lots of people lounging here next to Delta planes.


Since the weather is a little chilly this time of year, we opt to lounge indoors for the rest of our stay.






Shortly before boarding, we decide to take a quick shower since it’s a long flight. In the shower rooms, Malin+Goetz’s shampoos, conditioners, and body wash are generously provided.


Malin+Goetz shower room
Not Cristal 😦 at least it’s a Delta One flight



Despite the crowds, JFK Delta Sky Club is a good lounge. It’s spacious, well-managed, offers decent food/drinks, and features a fancy rooftop deck. 

Plus, for the champagne shopaholics, there are even options to use your SkyMiles to purchase a First Class bottle. While Paul wasn’t able to get his Cristal this time, it’s at least nice knowing that there are other (fun) options.


Even if it’s not that best “value” 😉



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