Napa Valley

In a world where drinking fine wine is no obstacle, a beartastic weekend is guarantee to thrive! Just north of San Francisco, Napa Valley is a landmass of endless vineyards where for hours, you can swirl & drink to your heart’s content with gorgeous landscapes as your backdrop.


Napa Valley



As Californians, we relish the idea that we have some of the finest wines in the world. Now I’m no grape expert by any means, but I can agree that Napa Valley is a visceral experience in your appreciation for fine wines. Each vineyard tells its own unique story… its own history… & passionately takes you on an earthy journey in how each wine is created into your glass.



Domaine Carneros



Each place has its own specialty. Domaine Carneros, for instance, is known for its award-winning sparkling wines. Pair it with some fancy condiments & countryside sceneries, each sip of the bubbles magically have a luxuriously long finish.



After the tasting, you are welcome to shop and tour the estate



Come with friends… come with families… but most importantly, come with a designated driver! There will be lots of vineyards to explore. Just a fun fact, the journey in between these destinations reminds me of Miki & Paul’s epic road trips in Melbourne, Australia!







One of the most unique experiences you can have here is to schedule a private host event. It is the best way to truly sense the history and tastes of the winery.

I personally recommend the Quintessa. Here, a host takes you up to a special pavilion where you experience all sorts of vintage wines with their sommelier.


getting ready for the most fancy picnic




The art of drinking and eating is at its finest here. The room is charming in glass-paneled walls with simple solid wood decors. Seriously, imagine sipping on vintage wines with your friends in this table setting! 




Wine O’Clock



Now brace yourself, the diversity of the tasting can range from $75-$500 per bottle! This is because they generously pour you their current & rare vintage wines.

Thus, this is an awesome opportunity to have a chance to sample some $$$$. For inexperienced wine drinkers like me though… after a couple glasses, they honestly all taste the same 😉


$$$$ tasting flight



Of course, you can drink while walking around their property. As you sip through your final glasses, you learn about all the complexities of how the grapes are prepared. It’s quite a fun educational experience. 



Quintessa Tour


All in all, Napa Valley is the epitome of enjoying countryside sceneries and acclaimed wines. If you’re staying in the city like St. Regis San Francisco, a convenient day trip here is more than enough to have an amazing time.


Most importantly, just come here with good company. After all, the best wines are the ones we drink with friends 🙂




Now, let’s have another refill please. Awesome, thanks.




Meter - Equinox



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