JW Marriott LA Live

It’s easy to say you’re going to attend an event in LA… it’s another story in the logistics of getting there! For people that don’t know this city, Los Angeles is its own unique animal compared to others in the country. Everything is spread apart… West LA to the East takes at least an hour with traffic… nightlife/bar hopping is near impossible. Yes, you pretty much have to know the locals and/or stay at the right hotels to optimize your weekend in the city.

With that in mind, JW Marriott LA Live can be your shining beacon to a stress-free busy weekend for any events around downtown LA.


valet and entrance



Situated in the heart of downtown, everything is either a short walk or ride away. This gigantic 800+ room skyscraper is next to the Staple Center, Convention Center, Walt Disney Concert Halls, local restaurants, and nightlife…. location wise, this place is extremely convenient. Indeed, it’s the perfect luxury backdrop for business and leisure travelers.



business ❤ pleasure



Since this high-rise towers over the city, all their hotel rooms boost views of downtown’s L.A. Live. Their rooms (albeit small) are quite comfortable for a weekend stay.


bedroom and views



They have decent bathroom amenities by Aromatherapy Associates. Ughs, no roof showers though!






After checking in, it’s time to suit up for our events. Again, the biggest forte to this hotel is their location. In fact, for Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph Premiere, Paul & his brother (Tony Chai) literally walked downstairs to the screening @ Nokia Theatre.


(f.y.i. If you haven’t seen the movie yet… you have been missing out on life. In fact, stop reading this and go see it right now! Just like Zootopia & Big Hero 6, it’s one of Disney’s most creative movies)  


Wreck-It Ralph Premiere (starring Tony Chai)



After the premiere, the gala reception is also within walking distance since it’s at L.A. Live. Thus, with the hotel as the backdrop to the after-party… we got quite carried away in some silliness with the whole Disney Animation family. Thanks Mickey Mouse! You sure know how to throw a party 😉


Disney on the Dance Floor



Even around the holidays, this place gets transformed to an ice skating rink. As long as you know when the special entertainments, concerts, or events are happening, L.A. Live can be quite a festive area for date night!


ice skating rink!


After all the active festivities, I personally recommend hopping into a 5-minute Uber to 71Above for a sky-high dinner. While the JW Marriott have decent views, this restaurant has mesmerizing panoramic sights of the whole city. It’s an unforgettable fine dining experience especially for first-time visitors.


71Above (the tallest building in Los Angeles)




Overall, as you can see from this review, this hotel is all about convenience. Not much of the features and character focus on the room itself… but rather the location and ease in getting around the city.



Good night Los Angeles


Though personal services and amenities are sub-par compared to other lifestyle hotels around the world, J.W. Marriott makes Los Angeles events & parties look like a piece of cake.

So arrive here with an open mind. And let the City of Stars be your review to this luxurious hotel.




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