Pelican Hill O.C.

Orange County is a place of paradise for many people around the world. You see the ocean gleam and sparkle under the sun… you feel the gentle breeze as you stroll along the coast… heck, everyday is the perfect season for you to step outside for some entertainment and relaxation.

There are countless of places to enjoy all of this in the O.C. Today, we’ll share a local secret that is not well known to tourists. It’s 500+ acres of wow… it’s The Resort at Pelican Hill 

Pelican Hill valet entrance

For locals, we’re just a mere 15-20 minutes sedan (or limo 😉 ) drive away. In fact, during our week-long staycation at the Marriott Newport Coast Villas, it’s literally across the street!

For visitors, it’s a must-see regardless of where you are staying in Southern California. Upon entering the lobby to their gardens, you’ll notice the architecture & design here is straight out of a travel guide in Italy.

Ciao bella, mi amore

Paul’s not the most romantic type… but he somehow magically gets more charming here. One Valentine’s Day, he randomly surprises Miki with flowers ❤

Happy Valentines Day!

The view is quite a masterpiece: the garden terrace, the golf course, the ocean. Man, I wish I’m a pro golfer too… it’s ok for newbies like us, let’s just take pictures and selfies!

Pelican Hill Golf Club

Speaking of golf, if you’re a Citi Prestige member, make sure to take advantage of their complimentary golf benefits (up to 3 times / year). This generous perk is ending soon, so I highly recommend using all of it now!


complimentary golf benefits effective through July 2017

Membership includes playing at amazing oceanfront properties @ the Monarch Beach Resort. It’s the perfect blend of sport, nature, and bonding with your close friends & families. Trust me, it’s an unforgettable networking experience.

18-hole oceanfront golf course

After an eventful day, follow the signs and head towards their Coliseum Pool. Maybe grab a bite or two at their restaurant. In fact, every Valentines Day they have an annual “Dinner of the Senses” event here where you’ll experience a lavish meal in an intimate setting, designed specifically for couples in love.

Coliseum Pool
special menu for two (available Feb 11-14, 2017)

For resort guests, don’t forget to bring your beach wear for the perfect swim (especially at sunset).

sunset – dusk

Sometimes I wonder why I travel so much when home is this beautiful. Yes I know, “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. Well… for those that has never been here, I can personally guarantee that this page is sure an awesome one to read.

You’ll almost want to stay on this page forever. Indeed, it’s the ultimate Southern California lifestyle destination.

Meter - Qantas

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