Ritz Carlton Tokyo

Ohayō gozaimasu!!! Today we travel across the Pacific to visit one of my favorite countries in the world: JAPAN. This country is something special. With the ever growing pace of the world in this millennia, Japan somehow still evolves uniquely on its own. The ultra polite cultures, the modern skyline, the mangas, the U.F.O. crane games, and the fashion makes this country quite a special place to visit. The epicenter of it all? Tokyo!




Ritz Carlton Tokyo is located in the Roppongi District. It is in a wealthy upscale area consisting of awesome #NOMNOMNOM food, entertainment, and shopping. It’s a journey in itself to get to this hotel. The lobby is located on the 45th floor of Midtown Tower: the 2nd tallest building in Tokyo. So yes, it’s going to be a long elevator ride.


Ritz Carlton Lobby2
1st floor corridor to 45th floor Lobby Lounge


Right when you exit the elevator, you are transported into their Ritz Carlton world. The background pianist, the afternoon teas, the champagne bar, and the staffs checking us in create such a calming ambiance in this 45F oasis in the sky.

Tokyo is known for its small rooms, compact cars, and lack of space in pretty much everywhere you go. Thus, when we were escorted into our room, our jaws nearly dropped.

“What room is this again?” Miki asks

The check-in receptionist bows politely and says, “The Millenia Suite… is the room ok?”

“YES, we’re fine. WE ARE FINE”

As she exit backwards, she smiles & repeatedly bows again saying thanks. The social etiquettes of Japan never ceases to amaze me.


Bedroom (day time)


The forte of the Millenia Suite is definitely its views. Since the living room is at the corner of the building, the windows create a panoramic 180 degrees view of the city. As the sun sets, you see layers of colors throughout the city lights, horizon, and sky.


Living room (night time)


Need another angle to see the city? Their marble bathrooms also offer its own views! Even though I’m not too fond of bath tubs, this Ritz Carlton screams into my bear ears, “Take a bubble bath now!”

Sick of the view and want to watch something else instead? No problem hun! There’s a mini-TV for you as well. Yawwwwn growl growl, can’t think of a better way to end the night.


Ritz Carlton Bathroom
Ritz Carlton bathroom amenities
good night
Bedroom (night time)


In the mornings, you can’t help, but wake up refreshed. We walk a lot, we explore a lot, we read a lot, and we eat a lot everyday in Tokyo. Thus, having a luxury hotel like this makes busy itineraries bearable.


morning view


You feel like you’re in this magical zen too. Coffee magically tastes better up here, books/magazines words become inspirational, and texts/calls/work becomes pleasure.


looks like Paul is in his magical zen


While Miki & Paul were in their “zen”, I decided to have a lavish breakfast all to myself at Towers Modern Bistro on the lobby floor. Compared to other countries, Japan likes to go all out in their meals through presentation, taste, and originality — and by all means Towers Modern Bistro is no exception!


Japanese Traditional Breakfast


Overall, Ritz Carlton Tokyo is an amazing property. The Japanese customer service here is held to its highest caliber. Restaurants, receptionists, and staffs all take the extra mile (or kilometer [tehehehe get it?]) to know you by-name and make sure you’re well taken care of.

Arigato Tokyo! See you next time.


Meter - W Taipei3

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