Four Seasons Residence Club Scottsdale

It’s not everyday that we get to spend a week at a high-end timeshare like the Four Seasons. Ownership to these residence club are usually obscenely expensive. According to a data point from Business Week…

$80,000 USD?!?!

Four Seasons Residence Club in Scottsdale can cost up to $80,000 USD (plus annual maintenance fees of usually 40+ years) for owners.


As we described in the previous post, this reservation anomaly was thanks to a successful ownership exchange that we did on Interval International via Marriott Club Points. Upon confirmation, we couldn’t believe our eyes.

Time to check-in at…

Chloe, “weeeeeee!”

Residence Club

Almost immediately, you can tell that the Four Seasons Residence Club targets a different market from conventional timeshare owners. Truly, they are for people that want to feel like they are “home away from home” with personal touches and daily services that makes the stay luxurious and stress-free. Almost every random aspect of our needs were taken care of…

  1. Chloe had a floatie donut that needed inflating they brought over an air pump so we didn’t have to go out and buy one
  2. Forgot your toothbrush? They do daily room service (unlike Marriott timeshares) and provide fresh toiletries amenities daily.
  3. Our dishwasher was not running optimally they replaced a new one for us
  4. Need to go around the hotel? Golf carts are on stand-by for complimentary transportation.
  5. Miki needed to weigh something they provided a scale to borrow from the spa

2 Bedroom 2 Bath Condo

Our condo was huge. Spanning at almost 2000 sq-ft, we got a 2 bedroom and 2 bath condo equipped with all the essential needs for a longer term stay.

There’s a living room + bar area

table settings already provided in the room, which is convenient if we want to cook in the room.

We can cook inside in our kitchen…

or we can cook right outside with the provided grill.

The 2 bedrooms are connected by a connecting hallway door.

Daily Events

One of the coolest perks in staying at the Four Seasons Residence Club is that they are filled with daily events. Notably they have…

Wine flight tasting events where you learn the difference between wines from Sonoma, Napa, and Willamette.

even charcuterie boards are provided

Notably a favorite, they had a champagne tasting flight where it included comp bottles of Laurent Perrier and Moet Roses.

even the pool offers free ice cream

and the lobby offers complimentary tea and coffee every morning

even KIDS CLUB is daily too (great for parents wanting to take a break to enjoy the hotel amenities)

Overall, this was a great “home away from home” for 7 nights. Granted, this type of stay usually targets a very niche demographic and we just got lucky in exchanging a week ownership via Marriott Club Points.

Stays like this is a great reminder that our points and rewards can always be leveraged to maximize memories with travel.

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