Japan Airlines Apex Suite Business Class

It’s been almost 1.5 years since we traveled to Asia and oh my have things changed. No more government approved quarantine flights. And most importantly… no more 14 nights stay at a quarantine hotel.

For travels to Thailand, simply book your flight, get your QR Thai pass, and ta-da you’re good to go! With much more flexible booking, we decided to take one of Chloe’s favorite airline in the world.

Hint: the answer is behind the window 😉

Trying something new, we decided to fly the 787 Dreamliner Apex Suite on Japan Airlines! The Business Class cabin is arrange in 2 x 2 x 2 config where Chloe had a lot of fun choosing between the “middle” apex suite…

the “aisle” apex suite…

or her personal favorite… the “window” apex suite!

She likes it mainly because there is a little nook that feels like a mini “play area” that goes directly to the aisle. For a toddler, she gets entertained by this private corner. For a parent, it’s convenient since the kid is so accessible by the connecting aisle/window suite.

toddler play area

Japan Airlines is known to have one of the best catering for dining. Here is the Japanese lunch bento on this business class flight.


After such a yummy meal, food coma is inevitable… nighty night Japan Airlines.

And just like that, we have landed in Tokyo, Japan! Along with SIN, NRT is one of our favorite airports to transit to our Asia destinations.

Overall, Japan Airlines “Apex Suite” is a very well-rounded Business Class product. The 787 Dreamliner seat configuration is especially friendly for families and the top-notch catering makes this a comfortable way in flying across the Pacific Ocean.

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