PDX Whiskey Tasting Lounge

We’re at Portland International Airport.

Status: On Time

Gate C3… nonstop to Orange County… boarding in thirty minutes. 


Yay, I think we have some few minutes to spare.


Miki #travelgirl


For those that aren’t familiar with Portland, this city is known for its amazing waterfalls, local coffee, and whiskeys.

International airports like to reflect their destination’s forté in their shops & restaurants. While there are obviously no waterfalls at the airport… you can sip on some local flavors of Portland right at the terminal.


Must-see for Portland first timers: Multnomah Falls / Whiskey Library


In fact, right when you pass security, you’ll see a huge Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

I can see why Portland locals are such coffee snobs because this coffee is wayyyyyy better than an average Starbucks.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters



As you turn right from Stumptown, there is a whiskey distillery tasting lounge that is complimentary for all Priority Pass members.


new addition to Priority Pass!



Let me repeat that.

It is complimentary for ALL Priority Pass members. For up to $28 USD / person on the bill, you can taste anything for free. On top of that, members are allowed to bring a guest, who can also benefit from the perk!


fun fact: this is the only distillery in the world to offer whiskey tastings at an airport…


Whiskey Distillery Tasting entrance


They have three main selections.

  1. Whiskey Tasting Flight
  2. Vodka Tasting Flight
  3. Cocktail Tasting Flight




We feel like a kid at a candy store. Which one should we choose?

Let’s just do all of them 😉


preparing the tastings


who’s thirsty!



As you sip through your flights, you can browse through their store to learn about their distillery collections.


distillery store collection



Ughs, the struggle is real. I don’t think we can finish all of this… is that sixteen drinks?!


Paul looks traumatized…



Today’s forecast: 100% chance of getting (happily) drunk…





As a nice finishing touch, they also give you a complimentary gift of a single-malt tasting glass after you finish the whiskey tasting experience.


complimentary gift: whiskey tasting glass



Overall, this is an awesome Priority Pass perk to have. Usually, I’m not a fan of this program, but these years they have impressively expanded & improved their airport lounge network.

I mean, with this tasting alone, we got $112 USD in value with just two memberships!

How’s the whiskey though?  Honestly, it’s just alright. But it’s hard to be overly critical when all of this is… free





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