So Sofitel Bangkok

Ever go to an ice cream store and wish there are more flavors? 


It’s a fact that hotels usually give you only one flavor to choose from. For instance, when you go into a St. Regis, you’ll be expecting an intimate luxurious experience with a dash of “old-world” royalty charm. On the other side of the coin, if you’re at a W property, you’ll anticipate a sleek ultra-modern environment & transforming your mood into a party state of mind.

Hm… but what if I want both?


Answer: So Sofitel Bangkok


Eenie meenie miney mo, choose your room you want to stay in


This refreshing take on hotel design has four different personalities. Upon checking in, you’ll get to choose between four themes depending on your style & mood. For simplification, here are the strengths of each theme.

“Water” rooms: highest floors & better views

“Earth” rooms: flamboyant & unique

“Wood” rooms: spa & zen

“Metal” rooms: contemporary & modern


If you have a large party, this hotel is perfect since everyone gets to choose what type of rooms they want to be in.


Fun fact: During New Years 2013, Miki & Paul got married in Bangkok! Over 50+ people came internationally & this place was the official hotel for accommodation.




During check-in, you’ll be greeted with a welcome “Magic Drink”. Initially blue, the staffs will swirl the lemongrass and turn the drink into a purple zen beverage.

In a way, the drink represents their multiple flavors in the room themes they have at this hotel.



9F sky lobby + the “Magic Drink”




In a “Water” room, the bathroom and bedroom comes together as one. With transparent glass panels, even their smallest rooms lack shower privacy (which can be a good or bad depending on your company 😉 )



Paul, “no peeking!”



Since this theme are on the highest floors (25F – 28F), they tend to have the best skyline views in the morning.


morning view w/ friends



Not in the mood for “Water”? Let’s swirl that magic drink and go into an “Earth” room!


The wild-child of the four themes, this room is definitely the most quirky and fun.


Earth Room 2216


Inside the “Earth” room, you also have fish companions to accompany you throughout your stay.


Fish Companions



Not your cup of tea? Let’s swirl that magic drink into the “Wood” room.

We’re now in the #namaste world. The most calming of all the elements. This room is perfect if you just want to have some zen & relax.





In one of the spa suites, you even have an outdoor bathtub in your balcony.


hot tub like this



Lastly, if you want to do one more swirl, let’s enter the modern “Metal” room.

With its elegant & practical finishes, you almost feel like you’re in a condo rather than a fancy hotel.


bedroom & living room



After an excursion (or wedding ❤ ) in Bangkok, you can jump into their infinity pool with views of Lumpini Park & skyline.




Overall, this is a nice change from a normal hotel experience. Like an awesome ice cream shop, everyone in Miki & Paul’s wedding party loved the different flavors & appreciated the variety of choices in the rooms. In fact, some people even switched themes every night for fun 😉

If you want to avoid a cookie-cutter stay & try something new, Sofitel So Bangkok is the perfect twist in what you usually expect when you stay at a luxury hotel.


Now, let’s stir that “Magic Drink” one more time…


Meter - JW Phuket



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