LAX SkyTeam Alliance Lounge

Hello darlings. If you’re looking for a little holiday cheer, you’re not going to get much at this lounge! Yes, I’m being a Grinchmas bear this year. It’s time to talk about the dreadful LAX SkyTeam Alliance Lounge. Sigh, it pains me to write this, because this place has so much potential.


SkyTeam Alliance Lounge entrance


With marble splashes and countertops, the entrance itself is gorgeous… even more prettier than OneWorld Alliance Lounge (in my opinion). You are greeted by the friendly concierge by Korean Air. Unfortunately, the rest is pretty much downhill from there.


If you’re flying First Class, there’s a separate corridor for you upon entry. Additionally, you get escorted and be given a quick tour by a friendly agent from the First Class lounge. Spoiler alert to Business Class or Priority Pass passengers… you’re not missing out on much.


First Class entrance



After the small hallway, there’s an “intimate” area for seating, drinks, and food. Not many people use this section, so it’s usually sterile and empty.


First Class seating and dining…



There’s a private terrace area that features a good view of Tom Bradley’s terminal. While the seats are generously wide, it ironically feels less communal than the Business Class terrace on the adjoining side.


oversized seats on the terrace



So yes, I can tell firsthand why the First Class section is so empty… because Business Class is better! Aside from getting some hot food/plates and maybe trying to feel more “exclusive” than everyone else, I generally recommend going to the other side and just enjoy some of the Business Class facilities… which is a much better view of the terminal.



Business Class terrace view is a lot better



The downside is that their seats feels quite dated since it’s been used a lot by everyone. Nevertheless, the space feels 10x larger than the First Class area.


Open space albeit some dated furnitures



Unfortunately, their self-serve drinks are quite disappointing 😦





I… I… I don’t even want to talk about their foods…





It’s as if Korean Air and its SkyTeam alliance members are not even trying to make this place feel like a luxurious experience. It’s a shame since the design of this place is actually better than OneWorld Alliance…. unfortunately, the execution of everything else is simply too flawed.


To summarize, the rankings of the lounges @ Tom Bradley International Terminal are as follows:

1st place: Qantas First Class Lounge 

Tied for 2nd place: OneWorld Alliance Lounge & Star Alliance Lounge 

Lastly, the 3rd (extremely distant) place: SkyTeam Alliance Lounge


Don’t get me wrong, relative to other lounges domestically, it’s still a pleasant area to relax in. But with the caliber of Tom Bradley’s lounges, this place underwhelms by a wide margin.

At least this lounge has a spectacular view… it still gets the wow effect” as you peer through the gorgeous new terminal on its terrace. At the very least, just come here & take advantage of some complimentary amenities… it’ll preps you well for your exciting holiday travels ahead.










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