Skydive Dubai

It’s 1AM…

It’s 3:30AM…

It’s 4:30AM…


It’s the night before skydiving. And we are nervous! Knowing I won’t fall back asleep, I brush my teeth, wash my face, and look into the mirror. In the distance, I notice Miki feeling the exact same thing. Every nerve in your body tells you this is a bad idea. Every nerve in your mind tells you this will be a life-changing experience.


It’s 7:00AM. Time to go.


Yeah. Chai Bear is going to sleep this one out


Miki’s instructor Dani, all the way from Spain, immediately welcomes with a big smile and yells, “Are you ready?!”

My instructor Alex, all the way from Russia, with a calm relax attitude pats me on the shoulder, “Alright team, let’s gear up”

Rodney and Katsu, our media team behind the cameras, puts on their parachutes (yes very important), DSLR helmets, GoPros, and remotes. Within minutes, the plane arrives. Oh man, it’s getting real. This is actually happening.




One of the most special moments in this experience is what happens in the plane. The moment the plane reached 15,000 feet in the air. The moment before the jump.

You see everyone from around the world come together as one. The novices, the professionals, and the videographers. We all look at each other. We’re ready team. We’re ready to conquer the world.

Visibly nervous, Alex pats me again on the shoulder and with his Russian accent,

“Chill Paul. Chill. Relax. And remember, always smile.”

The door opens.

3, 2, 1. JUMP.




Within seconds, life literally flashed before my eyes. I thought about my childhood, I thought about my mom, my dad, my brother and lastly, I thought about Miki.

And then, all the adrenaline kicks in. You laugh. You scream. And then finally, you smile.







It’s the most insane 60 seconds of free-fall of my life. Time slows down. So many internal and external senses rush through you. It is the ultimate high.

After what feels like an eternity, the parachutes open.

Man, is the view overwhelming.




The world is full of wonderful places and never are they more stunning when seen from a bird’s eyes view. The Palm Islands, Dubai’s skyline, and the Indian Ocean all seen in one glorious panoramic sight.

Within minutes, Earth is calling to you.






I can see why Dubai is constantly ranked (in Forbes, Travel Channel, Telegraph, etc.) for one of the best places to skydive in the world. It offers an one of a kind experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

Not many people are given the opportunity to do this. And we are thankful for that.


Reunion. Like hugging her again for the very 1st time!


Travel sure changes the mindset of people. Ask me this 8 years ago and I will say never in a million years I will do something like this.

This is why Miki and I (+ Chai Bear!) likes to travel so much. We absorb so many cultures, meet countless kind strangers, and reunite with awesome friends that shape who we are today.

When fear and problems are in your way, it’s best to face it head-on. Even when it feels impossible, sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and know that life will give you a parachute. It will lift you back up… even when you’re falling down.

We have a new appreciation in life. Thanks Skydive Dubai.


Meter - W Taipei3


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