Park Hyatt Sydney

Hello! Long time no see. Sorry for the M.I.A. Being the busy bear that I am, I was summoned on a business trip around the world. Not to worry folks! I’m back baby and we shall continue my stories and reviews across the globe.

Today, let’s look at an ultra-luxe hotel from the South Pacific: Park Hyatt Sydney


Park Hyatt Sydney || Sky View



As you can see, this hotel is the pinnacle of real estate heaven in Australia. It literally hugs the Sydney harbor overlooking the iconic Sydney Opera House. No other hotel in the city comes close to this prime location.

Before arrival, the hotel manager even asked what time my flight is arriving (via email), so they’ll be sure my room is ready. Always a nice touch to a smooth first impression.


Lobby & Valet area



Awesome first impressions doesn’t end there. Upon checking-in, the hotel generously offered to pop a complimentary bottle of Domaine Chandon (fyi, a gorgeous vineyard in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley) in the room. Heck, even fancy Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, & St Regis hotels usually only offer a glass of champagne upon checking in. A bottle honey? Pfft, even better!



Domaine Chandon welcome bottle



Picture can’t do the room justice. The room is absolute perfection (besides the small T.V.) Tastefully contemporary with no expense spared, this spacious room is equipped with all the comfortable amenities.





My favorite part of the room? The balcony! Day and/or night, the view is jaw-dropping gorgeous. No matter what hour, the Sydney Opera House is an ever-changing story. The sunrise to the sunsets and observing locals to the leisurely boats, this is probably one of the most entertaining hotel balcony I’ve ever stayed in.


Balcony (day & night views)



Want another perspective? Head up to their rooftop pool and jacuzzi. Although the room offers better views of the Opera House (heh. heh. can’t complain), their rooftop still offers a great panoramic sight of the harbor.


rooftop jacuzzi views



Honestly, I don’t know why they even have a gym in this hotel. Just like The Plaza New York to 5th Ave, their direct access to the harbor gives you a premium access for early morning runs, workout, coffee, and breakfast before most of the people even have the chance to wake up from their alarm. Can you smell the crisp morning air in the pictures? Can you hear the Australian seabirds nesting around the water? Can you hear the faint morning cars cruising across the Sydney bridge? Pictures may worth a thousand words, but being there is another story.


direct access to Sydney Harbor



Want breakfast? You have the option to dine at their waterfront restaurant. Nevertheless, with your room having better views, I recommend to skip the breakfast at least one of the days and dine in the city instead. In Central Business District, there’s a mall that has Din Tai Fung and Ippudo all in one floor! How gastronomically amazing is that.


Skip the breakfast! Head directly to DTF & Ippudo.



Constantly, there are events around the area. Steeped into Australia’s history, The Rocks is filled with historic food festivals, local shops, and cafes, which are all within walking distance from the hotel. Established shortly after the colony formation in the 1780s, this place is rich in Australian culture. Since it’s quite a popular area, sometimes you have unexpected guests wanting to enjoy your room. Since I’m so nice, I let him have the balcony.


Unexpected guest @ the Balcony
Arts & culture around the Park Hyatt || pic: MOCA Australia
Spotted, Miki @ the Opera House



Simply put, this is Sydney’s #1 hotel. As a matter of fact, I think this is Hyatt’s best hotel in the world. Hotel is a lot like real estate. It’s all about location, location, location! And the closer you are to its prime location, the higher your expectations in customer service, luxury, and amenities. And in all spectrums, the Park Hyatt Sydney delivers.

Commanding at over $1000 AUD ($750+ USD) per night, this is an ultra-expensive hotel. Unlike The Plaza New York, I can actually see where that value comes from.

Are there cheaper hotels? Yes. Are they amazing too? I’m sure they are. However, if you want to splurge and have it over the top, stay at Park Hyatt Sydney. You will not be disappointed.

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi! Oi! Oi!

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