Ritz Carlton Chicago

Last minute business travels can be quite tricky to navigate — booking flights, hotels, and personal life can be thrown into a melting pot of chaos. Similar to W South Beach Miami, the hotel you book can be your only oasis to unwind from your home away from home for accommodation.

This time the destination is…

Ritz Carlton Chicago

Booking Options

Ritz Carlton Chicago cash cost is not cheap. Weekdays average $600 USD+ per night for a standard room.

The good news is that points redemption are priced fairly at this hotel. At 61,000 Bonvoy points, you can redeem a room here. Not bad for “dynamic” pricing.

Water Tower Suite

The Ritz Carlton Chicago proactively recognized Miki’s lifetime platinum status and automatically upgraded her to the Water Tower Suite. This type of generous hospitality in big cities especially for North America is more rare so it was much appreciated.

For those curious, the average rate to book the Water Tower Suite is $1300 USD after taxes and fees!

There’s a small office table by the living room to get some work done with the city views.

The bedroom have similar city views to wake up to.

There was not one bathroom… but TWO bathrooms in this suite. The style is modern with nice water pressure.

That being said, a separate bathtub would’ve been nice to have for the master bathroom.

There’s a nice space for Nespresso and drinks.

And decent closet and storage in one of the hallways.

For one of the evenings, Miki unwinded by taking a dip in the pool, which also has a steam room.

Overall, the Ritz Carlton Chicago checks the boxes for a luxury hotel in the urban city. While some bathroom features like a separate bathtub for bubble baths would’ve been nice, the proactive suite upgrade definitely made the stay a lot more enjoyable.

Last minute work travel? Hmmm, I guess it’s not too bad if it’s the Ritz Carlton.

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