Conrad Koh Samui

Thailand is getting ready to drop all testing requirements and lift its strict travel restrictions, which for us personally is really exciting. The progress Thailand has made with its vaccination and learning to adapt to travel is commendable like Singapore.

Today we like to feature one of the crown jewel islands of Thailand — Conrad Koh Samui

It is a Hilton property where room/suites start at 95,000 – 200k+ points/night

The hotel resides on a remote cliff 30km+ on the other side of the island from Samui Airport. On a sunny day, the lobby wows you with majestic views of its surrounding islands.

On an unfortunate rainy day, well…. you can take pictures of the view from your villa room 😀

The villa is 1400 sq-ft with a gorgeous bathroom suite.

Luckily the tropical rain clears really fast. After the rain stopped, we pretended to be influencer models and did a mini-photoshoot in our villa. Imagine taking a bubble bath here!

with stunning views of the remote islands.

For Hilton Diamond Members, breakfasts are complimentary. Just look at the epic spread.

Notably, a self-serve smoothie station that is powered by a bicycle. Personally, I think this is better and more functional than a Peloton bike.

Tastes like hard work! Well earned smoothie.

In addition to breakfast, Hilton Diamond members also get an upgraded amenity kit for turn-down service featuring products from Temple Spa.

And one night, we even got a surprise with two teddy bears with our names personally sewed onto its robe(s)!

When the sun is out, dipping in the pool is a must. The “Five Island” views reminds us of the mini-version of Six Sense Yao Noi.

Overall, this is an amazing top-tier Hilton hotel. Residing on a remote cliff off the coast of Koh Samui, the hotel is designed for you to spend the majority of your stay in their amazing villas. If you can swing it or if it’s available, make sure to book a room facing the “Five Islands” — it’s straight out of a fairytale.

For Diamond members, this is arguably one of the best status recognition properties. Getting upgraded (4 levels) to a “Five Island” infinity pool villa along with all the surprise gift(s) definitely made a world’s difference in our stay.

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