PYGMY Masks for your next First Class travels

We have something exciting to announce!

Chai Bear World is now partnering with PYGMY  — a smart mask for your next First Class travels 😉


In the interest of disclosure, PYGMY is one of our family-owned small businesses that is expanding now to the U.S. Our goal is to support the community in these challenging times to promote public health around the world.

Check out how stunning & gorgeous our friends look with PYGMY (no bias)


Jokes aside, our brand designs come in small batches — so if you like one of the releases get them now before it’s gone!

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 8.19.36 PM

Chloe couldn’t resist being a model too. Her favorite design pattern is the Blush Pink.


When you’re not wearing it, it’s super comfy to rest it as a necklace. And not to mention, pose at the same time.


Overall, wearing PYGMY is like flying a First Class flight for the first time.

who knew Travel x Masks can synonymous to luxe and fun!

Masks doesn’t have to feel like you’re last row, middle seat, and no window/aisle access on a small cramped plane. On the contrary if done right, it can feel like a mind-blowing shower on an Emirates A380 First Class flight.

Thank you for supporting small business.

Thank you for supporting PYGMY!


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