LAX Star Alliance First Class “VVIP” Private Room

I like to start by saying a BIG announcement. There’s a new member in the Chai Bear World family! She’s currently about my size, so we see each other quite literally eye to eye. Everyone, meet Chloe W. Chai.


❤ Chloe W. Chai ❤


Life changes in a blink of an eye. As a bear, I see the complex human emotions being amplified all around me. Miki especially has been such a strong and selfless person throughout this whole journey. Motherhood’s love and sacrifices to this day…. amazes me.


At Chai Bear World, we believe that travel can be transformative. Meeting people, immersing yourself in another culture, seeking out new or old experiences, and overcoming challenges… these are the very things that make travel magical, educating, and create life-long memories.


So Chloe, get ready for our bear-tastic world – Chai Bear World! 


1st family travel photo


Traveling with an infant definitely ups the ante in travel. Everything becomes more arduous and complicated. Our baggages and baby things alone felt like we were carrying 100+ lbs of travel accessories. And I’m not exaggerating.


Useful tip, if you’re traveling solo, a flight agent can personally escort you to LAX Star Alliance First Class Lounge through a separate security terminal. But since we’re traveling as a family, we were directed to the Tom Bradley departure security line instead.


After that though, it’s a simple escalator ride up and you’ll see a separate entrance for LAX Star Alliance First Class Lounge.


entrance to the right



In contrast to LAX Qantas OneWorld First Class Lounge, the real estate of this space is extremely small, which is fine since barely any passengers have access to this lounge. In fact last time, Baby Chou Bear was one of the only ones chilling in the dining table areas before his Singapore Airlines First Class flight.


hello? anyone home?



This time however, there was some crowd. With Chloe having an energetic personality, it can be quite stressful for the new parents.


uh oh, other First Class patrons dining in the lounge



Luckily, the staff here kindly welcomed us to a “secret perk” in this lounge normally reserved for celebrities and/or VVIP guests. In fact, when I was here last time, I didn’t know this area even existed! 


Welcome to the uber-exclusive “Private Room”.


The Private Room




Here’s the inside scoop on where it is. Upon entering, there are doors that are flushed to the wall on the right. If unlocked, it’s a simple push into the private room.


Chloe, you are quite the VVIP…..


secret door access on the right


door flushed on the right




Here, we escape the hustle and bustle of the crowd and feel like we’re in the living room of our own soundproof home.


Chloe, “is our flight departing? can I eat now? I’m hungry”



Except there’s a personal chef getting ready to prepare you a First Class meal!


a la carte complimentary dining menu


bon appetit





Overall, LAX Star Alliance First Class Lounge made a fantastic first impression for Chloe. Even though the real estate to the place is nowhere in comparison to other luxe lounges, it’s the staff that sets the scene apart and matches the caliber of First Class. 




Again, I truly appreciate the generosity of the staff in letting us have access to this private room. Seeing Miki smile like that with Chloe already confirms that traveling like this is worth the premium experience 🙂


You made our lives a lot less stressful and created a wonderful start to Chloe’s first travel story.


Meter - W Barcelona3


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