ANA (All Nippon Airways) Suite Lounge

This is Part II of Tony’s guest post. Enjoy his brief lounge story below! 


On the way back from Tokyo to Los Angeles, I had to check out the lounge at Haneda Airport. Haneda’s ANA Suite lounge is definitely on a different level. In general, overseas airport lounges are just way better than any airport lounge in the states. I will let the pictures do the talking…


Oh, business class lounge to the left? NOPE! We going right 😉



As you turn right, you’ll enter a private area that is exclusive for First Class passengers.


Suite lounge red carpet entrance



The design of the lounge is simple, understated, and elegant.


Main lounge area



There are attendants walking around asking what drink you’d like and also giving hot towels to refresh yourself. There are also coat racks to hang any outwear you have on.


Hot towels? Yes please.



They even have massage chairs.





They have a restaurant here as well. Sadly, as this was late at night, many dishes were out of stock that evening…


Special entrees sold out 😦


Late night dining for one



But I still wanted to order something, so I went for the grilled chicken teriyaki. Basic, but done well.


Grilled Chicken Teriyaki w/ Miso Soup



Thankfully, there are also self-serving areas that offer various Japanese delicacies for everyone.






And let’s not forget, a generous open bar for your cocktail needs.



Hibiki 17, not bad!



This lounge was definitely worth going to HND airport early if you’re flying out of Japan on any of these Star Alliance carriers.




It’s not as over-the-top relative to other overseas First Class lounges, but it is definitely better than most of the lounges in the states.


But hey, more the reason to choose a long layover here or just come a few hours before you take off!


Meter - The Savoy2


    1. Good catch! This specific First Class route was LAX-NRT and then HND-LAX, so I overlooked this upon posting. Thanks for noticing. You fly to Japan often?


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