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Amusing Delta SkyMiles redemption… a bottle of Dom Pérignon!

Once in awhile, something illogical makes perfect sense. Yesterday, I was lucky to check out the opening first day of the brand new Delta SkyClub lounge in LAX. The excitement in the lounge was palpable. Delta Airlines agents gleaming with energy, media/partners enjoying each other companies, and club patrons pumped to step into this massive 30,000 sq ft lounge.

To mark this special occasion, I decided to try something new. In Delta SkyClubs, there’s a “Raise the Bar” option where you can redeem SkyMiles for fun drinks at the bar. One option that caught my eye is the bottle of Dom Pérignon. It costs below retail price!

For only 13,000 SkyMiles, you can redeem a bottle of Dom Pérignon in the club. To put it into perspective, the average cost of Dom is around $249.99 – $260.99

Conservatively at $250 a bottle, you are getting nearly 2.0 cents in value per SkyMile! That is double the usual valuation of the notorious “SkyPesos”. Should I do it… should I do it…

All this points wizardly mental calculation flew in my head for about… 5 seconds

F#@$ it, let’s get a bottle of Dom.

Everyone was elated. Now that’s what we call an opening party.

On my left, there was a liquor media vendor from Hendricks and on my right was a random passenger heading to the Bay Area. Since a bottle is way too much for one person, I decided to turn this into a social activity.

Like what we always say to Chloe…

Sharing is Caring

Overall, this can be a great way to redeem SkyMiles if you’re a wine enthusiast. At the right occasion, this can be an incredible value in using a measly 13,000 miles in your Delta Airlines account. Without flying, this amusing redemption almost made us feel like we’re on a Singapore Airlines Suite Class flight 😉

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