Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a melting pot of Asian cultures with a blend of the traditional and the modern world. It’s an insanely condensed city with very limited real estate space. Hence, all the architecture here tends to point up. And for those looking for impeccable luxury on top of the world, a stay here is a must.

Crowned as the tallest hotel in the world, The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong is well-known for its graceful and elegant ambiance with its unique high-rise surroundings. With the hotel being so high up, it feels like you’re in a floating city above a bustling metropolis. Above all, this property gifts an experience that speaks to your own life & sensibility with its personalized customer service  [more details on this below]

October is the month of Miki & Paul’s anniversary. And this stay back in 2017 was their 10th year together (wow that’s a long time..) Here’s a glimpse of what the hotel did to surprise them before we even landed in HKG!



Ritz Carlton Hong Kong surprise for Miki & Paul



For those not familiar with Hong Kong, it’s reallllllly easy to get into the city. After landing, breeze through immigration, grab your bag, and make your way to the airport express and you’ll be in front of this hotel in no more than 30-40 minutes.


ground entrance



Immediately upon entering, numerous staffs approached us and gave us a warm welcome by assisting us in carrying our luggage to our already-assigned room.


Miki & Paul even requested wanting to splurge on an even bigger suite via cash upgrade. Normally, most hotels will gladly oblige, but all the staffs that night insisted that we keep our room. Hmmmm, something is fishy 😛


bye bye luggage


left: Sam, personal butler / right: check-in staff(s)



Sam, our personal butler, grabs our carry-on and kindly escorts us to our 109th floor room.


109th floor



The entrance to this corner room is beautiful. With its long hallway, it makes the opening feel grand when you walk into the office, coffee amenities, and closet area.


entrance office hallway
complimentary Nespresso coffee bar



The next moment is what I call an “emotional luxury” experience. As Miki & Paul enters the living room, they notice the windows massively decorated with pictures and balloons of themselves! And of course, a happy anniversary signage.





Through the power of social media, Sam (our personal butler) was able to find a couple pictures of us from around the world!


To take another step further, he even photoshopped Miki & Paul onto a rendering of this property with personal notes on it.


Miki & Paul photoshopped to a Ritz Carlton rendering. Wow.



Of all our years of travel, this was probably one of the most close, unique, and personal moment that a hotel did for us. Though borderline sneaky, this over-the-top unexpected romantic gesture truly impressed us. Shortly after, I realized that I was a “third wheel” to Miki & Paul’s 10th year anniversary stay, so I decided to watch some T.V. in the bedroom…


third-wheel life…



The bathroom too is spacious & stunning. The room offers pretty much the best of modern bathroom living.





The oversized roof shower is so, sooooo, super tall that it can probably shower a baby giraffe without it even needing to slouch. Of course, the usual Ritz Carlton luxe Asprey amenities are provided as well.


insanely tall roof shower



For bubble bath lovers, there’s even a separate T.V. for your hashtag robe life pleasures. It’s a great way to end your night after a long day of flying and/or excursion around Hong Kong.


robe life



In the morning, we wake up to this panoramic jaw-dropping view. 


Good morning Hong Kong





Breakfast is by the sky lobby with an enormous spread of pastries and food.


breakfast spread


bread tastes better up here



It’s an open kitchen concept with cooks preparing the dishes table side.


cooks preparing hot dishes



How insane is this breakfast?! 





Before checking out, Paul decides to take a couple laps around the indoor infinity swimming pool. Being so high up, every rooftop lap here feels like an “active relaxation” workout leaving you feel rested, refreshed, and inspired all at the same time.


rooftop infinity pool


Overall, the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong delivered a flawless hotel stay. Nestled on top of the world, this property is the definitive luxury escape for hotel travel. What stands out the most though wasn’t the contemporary architecture or the luxe amenities or the size of our room – in the end, what’s most important was the genuine and personalized service from all the staffs in the hotel.


I don’t know what magic they did to train their staff, but throughout our stay, most of the staff knew and greeted us by name when we walked in-and-out of this property. Amazing… it’s been almost a year since that weekend and I still get excited thinking back to these travel memories.


I hope you do, too.


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