Four Seasons Westlake Village

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Hello!!! Long time no see loves. Today I shall review a place that should be called “The Two Seasons”. Because really, the climate of Los Angeles is just spring and summer. Ah well, Four Seasons it is!

front valet entrance


North beyond the Santa Monica Mountains and minutes from Malibu, lies an expansive resort & spa property called the Four Seasons Westlake Village. Known for its five-star services, this place is perfect for a quick getaway for California locals to relax for the weekend.

“Would you like a welcome champagne?”

Why yes hun. I’ll have two.


dark chocolate cake-pop + welcome champagne upon check-in


All hotels should really do this. Like a first date, first impression is a lasting impression. Why not always start on a high note with cake-pop and champagne!

We stayed in the Malibu Suite. While the decor is certainly not my style, the living room and guest room are sumptuously decorated with my favorite needs in a hotel: automated curtains, office desk, sofa bed, guest bathroom, and last but not least, Nespresso!


living room
guest bathroom + living room


After walking through the living room, you’ll enter an oversized bedroom with a view of the Santa Monica Mountains. Nothing fancy, except the crystal chandelier.


Master Bedroom


The master marble bathroom features the classic his/her sinks with a mini-TV. One minor flaw though… no roof showers! Grrrrr… the buzz of the welcome champagne is starting to wear off.


Master bathroom


Sigh. No roof showers? No problem. Head to the largest award-winning Four Seasons spa in North America downstairs. Spanning over 41,000 (yes three zeros!) square feet, this place has everything you need including the most ridiculous roof shower I have ever seen in my life.

How ridiculous? This roof shower has an additional not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but TWELVE shower heads for one room! That makes a total of thirteen, yes THIRTEEN shower lines for one bear (or human). That is insanely beartastic.


spa bathroom
1 roof showers + 12 shower heads = a happy bear


As you might of guessed, I personally didn’t even use the shower in my room the whole weekend. This luxurious spa suite shower alone is worth the extra walk downstairs. Plus, there are plenty of areas to relax in the lounge area.




After the heavenly shower, relax in their outdoor pool and Japanese zen garden. You know what, I’m starting to like this spa more than the hotel room!  This is next-level Equinox.


Outdoor pool + Japanese Zen Garden


four seasons products
Four Seasons amenity products


In the mornings, a trolley or one of their executive cars can take you anywhere (within 5-mile radius) for breakfast. If you don’t want to leave, there are restaurants & cafes within the hotel. Even better though, head to Malibu for an amazing brunch by the pier.


3 modes of transportation: Trolley, Cadillac, or BMW




All in all, this hotel is a solid Four Seasons property. Though the rooms did not meet all of my expectations, the spa and services here are impeccable. That being said, the price does not match its value. A normal room can range from $300-500 while a suite can range in the $700-$1000! That is a high price to pay for staying at a brand without a loyalty program.

If you like to shower with money (ex. Kim Kardashian), you will love this hotel. For the rest of us minions in the world, save your money and splurge your travels somewhere else.


Meter - Four Seasons Westlake

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