Opus One, Napa Valley

Like the St. Regis New York, a part of the draw in a historical luxury estate is understanding its past in where it comes from. Ever since I had an Opus One (2014) bottle, I’ve been curious to visit the vineyard to fully appreciate the nuance taste of the wine. It’s like eating that nigiri at the sushi bar… it’s so much better seeing how the chef makes it before finally eating it!

To give you a little history, the vineyard is a dance between the Old World and the New World. Once upon a time, the Bordeaux (France) acclaimed Baron Philippe partnered with Napa (California) renowned Robert Mondavi to produce and master one cabernet wine — the Opus One.

With Napa Valley right on our doorsteps, we decided to take the splurge and finally see it for ourselves. To quote our waiter at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon,

Opus One Vineyard is…. immaculate

Our host Will lead us into an office area, which has views of the Opus vineyard. Working remote doesn’t seem so bad from here…

Upon arrival, we’re treated with a Pol Rogers Reserve champagne that tasted divine. Afterwards, we get got seated to our tasting table, which featured the 2006 Opus, 2015 Opus, and the 2017 Opus vintages.

Since I’m no wine expert, I won’t dive too much into the tasting notes of each, but suffice to say that we truly loved them all and it’s such a pleasure sampling so much premium wine. But if you’re curious, my personal fav was a toss between the 2006 and the 2015 vintage.

Not to mention, plenty of photo ops 😉

After the tasting, we got privately escorted to the cellar downstairs. The architecture in the estate itself is a marvel to behold.

Imagine hosting a dinner event here!

Opus 2013 Magnum (not included)

Scale not to size

Overall, this vineyard is hands down the crème de la crème of vineyards in Napa Valley. If you’re doing a tour here, make sure to visit this estate last. For wine lovers, this splurge is a must.

This place is the First Class of wines.

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