Mövenpick Bangkok Quarantine Hotel Experience (Part 2)

Day 9… reporting live from Thailand…. with barely motivation to write in forced Chai Bear hibernation for 14 nights… Zzzzzz….

During this tortuous realm where time feels still, we are subjected to two mandatory neg-covid test. On day 4, we found out we passed and are all NEGATIVE via a fancy virtual doctor visit at the hotel.

Since we’re negative, we’re granted 45 minutes of garden walk at the hotel everyday. For some reason, time rockets like a Tesla stock…. freeeeeedom!

And then just like that, freedom is gone. Time to go back to jail and eating crappy hotel food. At least we don’t have to worry about gaining weight… food has lost its taste….

Imagine eating this every single morning…

To help with our boring tasteless lives, we have moments of hangout time via Instagram & Facetime to uplift our mental sanity…

Ok, I have no more motivation to write…

Someone send help.

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