Mövenpick Bangkok Quarantine Hotel Experience (Part 1)

Hello from Thailand! We are currently quarantining as I type from Mövenpick BDMS Hotel Bangkok. Since there’s not much information in how this process works, I’ll share a series of posts to highlight our experience. Part 1 will cover the arrival and the first 3 days of our stay.

Before the hotel, we were greeted with an army of sanitation crew at BKK to escort us to immigration and customs.

There were a series of ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine) “Levels” that we had to pass. All levels would be split at least 6 feet apart to check all our arrival paperwork, temperature check, verifying proof of visas, verifying confirmation of ASQ hotels…. no details left unchecked.

Cost for ASQ hotels varies a lot depending on where you stay. But regardless of location, all hotels charge at a “per person” rate for 15 nights.

We booked a “Wellness Suite” at Mövenpick BDMS and our total quarantine cost including room, transportation, amenities, meals, and healthcare was 141,500 baht, which equates to 4535 USD (which is extremely expensive for Bangkok standards)

The airport transportation provided was an extremely clean and comfortable private van. Chloe has no idea what we signed her up for… hm, or does she?!

Upon hotel arrival, we were asked to take off our shoes and got immediately escorted directly to our room via side entrance by-passing the front lobby.

Outside our room is an empty large terrace (that we can’t access). Upon entering, there’s a guest bathroom on our left next to the entrance hallway.

The suite is about 800 square feet plus a balcony in both the living rooms and bedroom.

Guess this chair will be our only “access” to the outside world for now?

The bathroom is beautifully decorated with white marble tiles. This is probably my favorite part of the suite. The separate bathtub and walk-in shower will definitely help when playing water games with a 2.5 year old baby.

Besides showering, what have we been doing so far? Well… we’ve been doing a lot of workout gaming on RingFit!

Thank you Nintendo.

So far, the hotel has been pretty comfortable. However, today we just learned that they have strict rules on what can or cannot be brought to the hotel. Namely, we can’t order takeout from restaurant delivery (i.e. Grab/UberEats/etc.) services. Thus for the next 15 days, we will have no access to…

  1. Boba
  2. Alcohol
  3. Good coffee

Welp… hopefully hotel food would suffice. Looks like this will be a detox #namaste stay.

Ok, time for another round of RingFit.

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