VIBE Queens of Orange County

I know most you readers are not local in Orange County, but this is too exciting not to share about it. Miki and Courtney (a close friend of ours) are launching a lifestyle delivery company called VIBE O’ CLOCK


For long time readers, you guys know that we’re super passionate in not only delivering the experience of travel, but everything else in life as well. Whether it be sipping a Dom PĂ©rignon on a Suite Class flight or to something simple like enjoying a craft cocktail at home, everything is about the experience and feeling of you enjoying that moment.



Bored of take-out?

Here in… comes VIBE O’ClOCK — a company where they specialize in yummy & pretty delights right to your door…. or beach





To give you a little history, we met Courtney during our humble days of youth when we moved back to Orange County 10 years ago. Regardless of how busy we all are, we always find ways to support each other and it’s so nice to see the ladies starting a small business together.




For any occasion, VIBE deliveries are the perfect addition to put the brightness and love back into your life. If any of you happen to be in O.C., let us know!


We love to bring amazing VIBES to your door 😉


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